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You can stay even more cozy this winter in Williamsport with the confidence that you have an upfront and reliable technician you can call on for furnace repair. You can find the right company right where you are now, online.

Though your first instinct may be to ask your friends and family for their opinion, you can learn a lot of info about a company on your own, it’s right at your fingertips. Utilizing online databases and websites, you can find: the length a company has been in business, the feel of their customer’s reviews, financing opportunities, the promotions they are offering and much more with a quick search. The team at Lycoming Heating Company have listed some things you can look for when picking a furnace repair company.

    • The company should offer you a quote on repair costs before starting work. Don’t be scared to ask if there are any undisclosed costs. You don’t want a surprise when you get your bill. It’s also a safe idea to keep an updated account of your furnace repair costs throughout the life of your system.


    • The company should practice proper safety measures in their work. You are trusting the repair person with your home and valuables and you want to ensure nothing will be destroyed or damaged during the repair. Ask the company about their work procedures and the time-frame in order to better understand how they run.


    • The company should be properly bonded and licensed. If a company is bonded that will protect you if anything goes awry during the repair. It also shows you that you’re working with a reputable company.


  • The company clearly explains and puts in writing what is wrong with your furnace. An honest company ensures their customers know the work required to fix a problem. They don’t want to leave you in the dark.

Knowing the right questions to ask and what to expect will help you feel confident you’re choosing the right repair company. Finding a furnace repair company that you can trust will ensure you are comfortable year-round in Williamsport. Our team would be happy to answer any questions you have and hope to earn your trust in the meantime. Give us a call at 570-326-4450.